Connect with Microsoft365

There are a few things you need to do within your settings to be sure WarmupHero works with your inbox.

Step 1: Go to Admin Portal, Then Azure Active Directory

To do this you will need to:

  1. Click Settings within the inbox
  2. Click Admin Center
  3. Click show all within the admin center
  4. Click Azure Active Directory
  5. Then scroll down find the properties tab

Step 2: Adjust Admin Properties

Within the admin properties section you will need to Enable Security defaults to No.

To do this click "Manage Security Defaults" then click No within the right hand slider window.

Step 3: Allow The Inbox To Use SMTP & IMAP

A. First go back to the Admin Center and select Users > Active Users

B. Select the inbox that you want to add to WarmupHero. By doing this a slider will come out like this:

C. Select the Mail tab within the slide and click Manage email apps

D. Make sure IMAP and Authenticated SMTP is checked.

Step 4: Wait 1 hour, then connect to WarmupHero

Once you've completed steps 1-3, you will be able to connect your account to WarmupHero! We suggest waiting for 1 hour so that the setting changes have time to propagate.

Foreseen Issues

At times it takes a few hours for your newly adjusted inbox settings to propagate. If you're still getting an error within WarmupHero, then wait 24 hours and then try again.